Hotels and Resorts Structural
Our core business covers the full spectrum of building construction and we are recognised as a specialist in utilizing avant-garde technology in our markets.
Manufacturing industries
Our team optimizes every project by performing detailed structural analysis in order to obtain structural behavior and efforts.
Power industries
We obtain the best results by having a close collaboration with technical departments of equipment suppliers and by recommending the best products available on market.
Oil and gas, and mining industries
Designed solutions have to be correctly implemented on site, so we also assure technical assistance during the construction stage.
Technical consultancy
For all our projects we provide technical consultancy services for all technical solutions and equipment.
We also offer technical consultancy for other projects, that might be optimized.

Our Vision

TROWORKS will always look for the best innovations in order to excel and bring the best product and engineering services to all clients, into no limit in the field of construction.

Our Mission

To be the leader of high quality and low-cost product supply, value engineering services, and general contractor to all clients.

TROWORKS Engineering Supply and Services is made and organized in order to support all business establishments like:

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Power Industries
  • Oil & Gas and Mining Companies
  • Hospitals
  • BPO, Schools and Universities
  • Other Commercial, Residential and Business Establishments

companies we HAVE SERVED:

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